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My Preworkout is a pre-workout energy formula developed for you by you. It ticks all your performance boxes because you create your own custom formula designed to give you the boost where you need it most in a pre-workout supplement, such as nitric oxide, stimulant kick, fat loss or muscle growth factors.

Option 1: Buy the standard My Preworkout formula, with no extra booster packs. Standard formula contains 90mg caffeine anhydrous per serving, see full nutrition facts of standard formula

Option 2: Add custom booster packs and re-formulate your My Preworkout to create your most potent customised pre-workout drink, with any combination of extra stimulants, nitric oxide, muscle growth or fat loss factors. You decide.

My Preworkout standard formula instructions, see video:

Adding booster packs, see video below:

CAUTION: With the large selection of custom booster packs available, adding more booster ingredients isn't always better. When creating a custom formula, it is usually recommended to focus on 1-5 key components and increase the quantity to an effective dosage thereby yielding significantly positive effects.

Nutrition Facts

MY PREWORKOUT  Original formula with no added booster packs. 30 Servings / 250g Resealable pouch
Typical Nutritional Information
Serving size: 8.3g (1 rounded scoop)
Per 100g Per 8.3g Serving
Energy (kJ) 892 74
Protein (g) 0 0
Glycaemic Carbohydrate (g) 53 4.4
of which total sugar* (g) 53 4.4
Total Fat (g) 0 0
of which saturated fat (g) 0 0
Total sodium (mg) 650 54
Muscular Kinetic Factors 1352mg
Beta-Alanine 1000mg, BCAA's 2:1:1 Ratio (176mg L-Leucine, 88mg L-Isoleucine, 88mg L-Valine)
Focus and Energy Support 5490mg
(Glucose 4.4g, Taurine 750mg, L-Tyrosine 250mg, Caffeine Anhydrous 90mg)
Cal + B6 NeuroMuscular Support 255mg
(Calcium Citrate 250mg, Pyridoxine HCl 5mg)
Anti-Oxidant Support 150mg
(Ascorbic Acid 150mg)


STANDARD FORMULA DIRECTIONS (no boosters added): Add 1 rounded scoop [~8.3g] to 190ml water, stir or shake briskly and drink 30 minutes before exercise to boost muscular performance and prime muscle building gene activity.

CUSTOM FORMULA INSTRUCTIONS (if you have booster packs):

  1. Empty booster pack contents into My Preworkout (250g) pouch;
  2. Reseal pouch;
  3. Hold firmly closed while shaking pouch for 5 minutes to ensure complete mixing of all added booster pack ingredients.

CUSTOM FORMULA DIRECTIONS: If you added Booster Packs, increase your serving size by adding an extra ½ scoop powder per every 3.5g of booster ingredients, or part thereof.

NB: 1g = 1000mg

IMPORTANT: Do not use within 6 hours prior to sleeping as it may disrupt sleep.This product contains caffeine. Do not use if sensitive to caffeine. Do not use if pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from any medical conditions. Not intended for U18s. Maintain an adequate state of hydration by consuming sufficient water throughout the day.

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