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Training buddies alwheys buckle up!With the support of our growing community of athletes and fitness warriors, we aim to be one of the Southern Hemisphere's #1 sports nutrition brands by supplying the highest quality protein and nutritional supplements. Plus we have a  stretch goal to deliver our unrivaled quality, coupled with low cost pricing to customers on a  global scale.

A long time ago we realised that for most of our customers, Myogenic is the first thing taken in the morning, your training partner and the last thing you take at night (or middle of night). With this amount of trust placed on us we have made it our mission to find innovative ways to leverage technology, bulk buying and economies of scale to develop world class supplements and deliver them directly to you at lower cost than ever before.

Myogenic was founded in 1998 with the launch of Ultimate Anabolic, followed by ephedra based Thermodrine Rx-1 in 2001. 18 Years later we more committed than ever to continue building on Myogenic's original founding principles to be the trusted brand for safe and effective supplements, which are free of banned substances, as well as provider of credible nutritional guidance and information.

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  • At Myogenic we start with Research, then we Validate our discoveries before product Development and manufacturing. Ultimately, our goal is to Deliver Myogenic directly to you and offer great Customer service because we're truly passionate about human athletic performance, so seeing you perform faster and recover quicker with a research based Myogenic nutrition product gets us up every morning.

SPORTS NUTRITION | MADE STRONGER. Quality, Variety and Research-based products are the founding principles of Myogenic.

Take up our open invitation and try a class leading Myogenic protein or performance supplement. Place your next order securely online ..we'll track your order from warehouse to your door and keep you updated, then discover for yourself how more than 18 Years of experience enables us to create legendary products and a great customer experience. If at anytime before or after purchase you have queries, open a support request and enjoy our VIP customer support by experts.