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Zinc is the ultimate stand-alone performance mineral for bodybuilders and athletes because sufficient zinc levels are required in the body for enabling peak muscle work capacity and optimal anabolic hormone production. When zinc levels decline our capacity to train hard and recover sufficiently is quickly diminished, resulting is slowed muscle growth and reduced appetite. 

Each vegetarian capsule of Real Zinc + B6 combines a potent 15mg highly bio-available Xinc  from Zinc Picolinate with 6 mg Vitamin B6 to support the metabolic needs of professional and hard training athletes.


We need Zinc for peak muscular endurance:

  • In zinc depleted test subjects, muscle endurance or total work capacity declines rapidly. Muscle endurance for the knee extensor muscles, shoulder extensor and flexor muscles declined significantly by 28.1%, 24.1% and 26.4%, respectively in zinc depleted individuals.
Exercise depletes our Zinc levels:
  • Serum zinc levels were determined in 160 training athletes (103 males and 57 females). In 23.3% of male and 43% of female athletes, serum zinc was significantly below the "normal range"
Low serum zinc levels = low physical performance:
  • A study conducted on 21 professional soccer players, 9 players (43%) were zinc deficient. During further tests, zinc deficiency resulted in 26% lower VO2max and 35% higher blood lactate, meaning the zinc deficient individuals tire quicker than the individual with normal zinc serum levels. 
There is not enough zinc and magnesium in diets:
  • Zinc status of 270 US Navy Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) trainees was determined from dietary intakes and biochemical profiles. The dietary intakes of 34% and 44% of the trainees were below the RDA for Mg and Zn, respectively. The blood plasma concentrations of Mg and Zn were significantly below the "normal range" for 23% and 24% of the trainees, respectively.
Zinc levels are low in adolescent athletes:
  • A study investigating zinc status in adolescent gymnasts (9-12 years old) found that lower zinc levels results in lower IGF-1 and this reduction may play a role in abnormalities of growth or muscular performance.
  • Intensive or competitive training results in high losses of zinc in sweat and urine


Take 1 - 2 vegetarian capsule/s 30-60 minutes prior to sleep.  Alternatively Real Zinc + B6 may be taken with a protein containing meal or 1 hour after eating. Do not take with dairy products or calcium supplements as this will impair absorption of Real Zinc + B6.

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